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Jogging Dog Stroller – Crazy or Convenient?

Have you seen someone pushing a stroller? Have you ever been surprised to see that riding inside is a dog? I know that everyone has seen strollers everywhere but lately you will notice that dogs are being pushed in strollers. This has become a growing trend in the United States. You may not know that […]

Airline Dog Carriers – Before You Go

Are you planning a trip? Taking your dog with you? Airline travel is stressful enough for you alone, so, adding your dog to your travel plans shouldn’t add to your stress. There are very important things you need to know before you and your jet-setting pooch fly anywhere. You can ensure that in-cabin travel with […]

dog mat

Feeding Mats for Dogs – Best Picks

Are you dealing with a messy situation at feeding time? You may have a new puppy who is still learning how to eat out of a bowl or an older dog that is just a messy eater. There is a solution to stop the endless cleaning of your floors and help to protect your floors […]

Interactive Toys for Puppies – Three Top Customer Rated

It’s an exciting moment when you add a new furry member to the family. You are going to be bonding and getting to know each other. One of the best ways to do this is through play and interactions. A new puppy is learning so much every day. What if there was a way the […]

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Elevated Dog Bowl – Good or Bad?

Being concerned dog parents, we not only choose what we feed our dog carefully but we may also be diligent on how we feed them. There are many types of bowls and dishes. Some made with metal, others plastic or ceramic. Some with weighted bottoms, others with non-skid rubber gripping rings attached to the bottoms. […]

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GPS for Dogs – Choosing the Right One

Every dog owner has had a lost dog a time or two. We have also known a few owners that has gone through the agony of a lost fur baby as well. In the past all we could do to try to find our dog is plaster the town with “lost dog” posters and hope […]

Dog bed

Organic Dog Beds – Things to Know

To us as dog parents it is important that our fur babies have the comfort they deserve. One important accessory we invest in is the beds our dogs sleep on every night. You may be thinking why did I use the word “invest.” Well, like us humans, dogs spend a lot of their lives sleeping […]