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Our KandiIt’s an exciting moment when you add a new furry member to the family. You are going to be bonding and getting to know each other. One of the best ways to do this is through play and interactions. A new puppy is learning so much every day. What if there was a way the make play do more than just build bonds.

This I believe is possible, through interactive toys for puppies (and dogs alike). These toys can help increase your puppy’s IQ and help it to learn “paw” eye coordination and safe play habits. We want to start our new furry babies off on the right paw, and toys that are engaging and interactive can do just that.

Here we are going the take a look at some top customer rated interactive toys. I’m also going to include some toys I personally have used (and still use today) myself with great success.

Let’s get to it……

Rope It In

Our KandiWhen searching for some top rated interactive toys the one that came out among the top was no surprise. Braided rope toys were among the best interactive toys, especially for learning puppies. They are colorful and come in a variety of sizes and styles that guarantee tons of hours of fun play.

Rope toys are made of braided natural cotton ropes that are non-toxic and completely safe for your young pup. They come in fun multi-colored choices, which I believe is more for us parents them for them, but colorful is always more enjoyable no matter what.

Your pup will be busy with these sturdy built rope toys for hours on end. Don’t worry about finding the perfect fit. Rope toys come in a variety of sizes. Surely you will have no problem finding one small and manageable for your new baby. Puppies will find rope toys not only fun but helpful as they go through their teething phase. These rope toys can be chewed on to relieve inflamed gums and keep teeth clean.

The best part is that these toys will continue to be one of their favorite go-to toys when they’re older. Together you’ll have a lot of interactive fun with games of fetch or tug-of-war. Your puppy is learning good and safe play. Boredom and destructive chewing will never be an issue. They won’t have the need for destructive behavior at all.

Variety pack of varying sizes can be found for under $20. The best part of this variety pack is that they grow with your dog. Most packs include small and medium sizes and a few will include at least one large size. This can also be perfect if you have older dogs of varying sizes.

Maybe you’re not a dog parent yourself but know one that is or just welcomed a new addition. Braided rope toys in a variety pack can make a perfect gift to give any dog parent.

Learn, Play, Eat

Is there a way that your puppy can learn, play and eat all at the same time!? Absolutely!! If you search for a top rated interactive toy that gives you all of this you’ll find a rubber food dispensing ball. If color matters to you they come in different colors like; pink, blue or even green.

interactive toys for puppies

The Love Pet Home – IQ Treat Ball are made with 100% natural rubber and is completely safe for your pup. Let them play and chew without worrying about their safety. Again, like rope toys this toy reduces boredom and we know that boredom can lead the destructive behaviors. It promotes exercise and healthy safe play simultaneously.

Physical alertness will develop and be maintained as they learn and play. These balls can be filled with treats or normal kibble which gives them an interactive feeding experience. Just fill them up, sit back and watch your puppy have tons of fun with this awesome toy.

One of these balls will cost you around $12. Before you purchase one though, please check the make sure the size offered is suitable for your dog. The top rated one that I found is made for puppies the medium-sized dogs. If you have an aggressive large dog these may not be suitable for them. Choose accordingly before you buy.

 Teetering Food Fun

Another, customer top rated interactive toy is a different design concept on the rubber food dispensing ball, the Swenter Treat Ball. It has an egg shaped design and teeters like a blow up punching bag for kids. No matter which way your dog rolls this toy around it will always return to it’s upright position.

interactive toys for puppiesIt is made of durable, non-toxic, food safe high quality ABS & PC plastic, which means it has a strong impact resistance and is totally safe. So, you won’t have the worry that your dog will be harmed with chemicals or break this toy. Ease of cleaning is a good thing with dog toys and this one is easy. Just a soft cloth or sponge and some foamy soap water and all it’s parts can be cleaned.

Just like the last two toys mentioned, this toy helps develop your puppy’s IQ and is mentally stimulating which in turn, decreases boredom and reduces destructive behaviors. The slow interactive feeding is possible with a special internal design. All you need to do is add your puppy’s favorite treats or kibble and let the fun begin.

One of these interactive food dispensing balls can be purchased for about $11.

What Would I Buy?

Our Kandi with ballLike any dog parents we have purchased our far share of interactive puppy and dog toys. From the list above I would have the say, I would buy and recommend the braided rope toy. Our baby girl Kandi (the star of most pictures featured in this article) has loved these toys from the day she came home with us.

Our Kandi has gone through many of these rope toys in the two and a half years that we have had her. Like I mentioned in a previous paragraph, it will remain a favorite as your pup grows, this braided rope toy has been a definite favorite of Kandi’s. We have tried other toys like plush squeaky ones but Kandi never truly fancied those.

Another go-to that Kandi always loved is the good old tennis ball. Which of course is great for us, with a cost of about $3 to $4 for a can of three. She has been on the same tennis ball (pictured with her here) for months now, so replacements don’t happen quite often. She steals this tennis ball from her dog brothers all the time.

This is my recommendation and take on which interactive toys I would buy for my puppy.

Go Get Interactive

Kandi with RopeAdding a new puppy is exciting and stressful but teaching them good behaviors while having fun is not out of the question. Get interactive with your new puppy with toys especially made for this purpose. You now know three of the top customer rated interactive toys for puppies.

A braided rope toy, or The Love Pet Home – IQ Treat Ball , or the Swenter Treat Ball, are great options for interactive play while learning. Keep boredom and destructive behavior at bay through fun and play. Relieve teething discomfort and simulate their minds. All of these toys can be found for under $20 and they all can make get gifts as well.

In my opinion, the braided rope toys are a great option as well as a simple tennis ball. In our house these are proven to be the best interactive toys for our babies (Kandi is pictured here with her rope toy). We have had great success with overcoming boredom and have had only a few issues early on of destructive behaviors.

Now, it’s your turn to go and get interactive with your new puppy!  Have Fun!!

Please leave us your questions and or comments in the text box below. We would love to hear from you!

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  1. Great post, I had no idea there were so many useful accessories and fun toys for dogs. I am certain anyone who is owned by a dog would find this resource very useful. I’ve never had a pet yet your post has been so very informative, it seems dogs are just like kids really, with the teething pains and all… This has been very educational for me, thank you.

    1. Danielle says:

      Hello Kimberleigh, Thank you for your comments. I’m glad that you found this post informative. Yes, raising dogs are a lot like raising kids 🙂 Again, thank you so much for visiting my site and for your comments. Aloha, Danielle

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