Jogging Dog Stroller – Crazy or Convenient?


Have you seen someone pushing a stroller? Have you ever been surprised to see that riding inside is a dog? I know that everyone has seen strollers everywhere but lately you will notice that dogs are being pushed in strollers. This has become a growing trend in the United States.

You may not know that strollers for dogs hit the market in the United States in 2006. It quickly became popular among U.S. dog parents, so much that when it hit the U.S. market there was an influx of knock offs of the original creation. The craze lead to different versions of these strollers for your pooch.

For the outdoor doggie parent you can find one made for hiking, one for around town, one for your bike and you can even find a jogging dog stroller for your morning or afternoon runs. The jogging stroller is made with the same concept as one for a child. The only difference is that the bottom is made flat (no leg holes) so your pooch can comfortably lie flat.

What Started it All?

You may be wondering, like I was, where the concept of a stroller for a dog originated, well, it started in the Netherlands back in 2003. A Dutch company named Dutch Dog Designs created a pull along enclosed trailer that is attached to a bicycle. This original version was called the DoggieRide.

The DoggieRide was created to allow dog owners to go biking with their dogs. This bike trailer targeted pooch parents that owned larger breed dogs and large senior dogs. This trailer/stroller allowed these dog an outdoor experience, who would otherwise not be able.

Since the introduction of the DoggieRide, 16 years ago, Dutch Dog Designs has expanded on their original bike trailer design. They now offer 4 different designs of the original with one for smaller dogs too. They introduced 5 different strollers too, one of which is a jogging dog stroller.

Dutch Dog Design has also added a line of bike baskets for the tiny pooches. You can find accessories for their trailers and strollers as well. Anything from interior mat cushions, to rain covers, to replacement parts. This company is the one that started it all and continues to expand on this one concept. Wow!

It’s amazing to me how one design can launch a craze in the U.S. that started across the pond in the Netherlands. I know it happens all the time but it’s still so fascinating to me.

This Is Crazy!!

You may be thinking that any type of stroller for a dog is crazy. Yes, to many it may be the craziest thing they ever heard of. Some may think; why would anyone do this? I have to admit that I think this is a little crazy too, but I will approach this topic with an open mind and I want you do the same.

Thinking that this is a crazy concept isn’t uncommon. A lot of consumers thought that these strollers were only made to indulge already very spoiled dogs, something that only the rich would buy for their entitled pooches. This however, is far from the truth.

Many dog owners have smaller dogs and senior dogs, these dogs can’t go on long walks, jogs, or runs and physically can’t enjoy much outdoor activities for long periods of time. These strollers give these dogs and their parents the opportunity to participate in every outdoor activity together. Dogs can ride in comfort while enjoying being with their owners and owners can enjoy the company of their dogs too.

The truth is that these strollers were made for those dog parents that wanted to take their pups along with them. They wanted their dogs along when hiking, on long walks or even when out for a jog or run. These activities were practically impossible to take your smaller dog or senior dog along for on a leash.

Strollers make it possible for you to enjoy hiking, walking and jogging with your pooch no matter the distance, their size or age.

I don’t know about you but the use of dog strollers is starting to sound like it’s not all that crazy. .

It’s Convenient!!

If we think about it, we love our fur babies a lot, some of us love them like kids (guilty), so it would make sense to want them with us on all our adventures.

Imagine an owner with a small dog who is also a senior, she can’t take him on her morning jog because it’s too hard for him to even walk outside of the house. Sadly she has to leave him behind alone even if she knows he really wants to be with her and she with him.

It’s a sad scenario that would break the heart of anyone hearing it. Now, imagine the same scenario but the owner just bought a jogging stroller for her pooch. He can happily ride in style and the two of them can now enjoy those morning jogs together. He can get some much-needed outdoor time and she gets in her morning jog.

I’m starting to believe that anyone who owns a dog can make good use of a jogging stroller or any type of take-along system for their pooch. Even if you have a puppy or a healthy smaller dogs. We all know that smaller dogs are limited to distance no matter their age.

So, are they convenient? Yeah, I believe that they can be very convenient. If it will improve the life and relationship of dog and owner than why not!

The Final Word

We have learned a lot about strollers for dogs. The craze started in the U.S. in 2006 but was invented in the Netherlands 3 years earlier in 2003. Dutch Dog Designs, is the one company that started it all and after 16 years they are still building upon their original concept of the dog stroller.

Many people may think that a stroller for a dog is a crazy concept, I must admit I was one of them, and I’m sure that many people will always feel this way. These strollers are unconventional but to the doggie parent that wants their pooch to experience everything the outdoors has to offer it’ll be the best thing ever.

It’s convenient to those owners with smaller dogs or senior dogs of all sizes. We know that these dogs are limited to what they can do outdoors. Long distances and rough terrain is likely impossible for them. A stroller will make it possible for these dogs to enjoy any outdoor activity with their owners.

No matter the age of your pooch you may want to look into getting a stroller. It may seem crazy but I believe its crazy convenient!!

Here’s to your many adventures together!

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