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To us as dog parents it is important that our fur babies have the comfort they deserve. One important accessory we invest in is the beds our dogs sleep on every night. You may be thinking why did I use the word “invest.” Well, like us humans, dogs spend a lot of their lives sleeping on their beds. So, this purchase should be viewed as an investment.

There are tons of options to choose from so, how do we choose? We seek information, right! Recently I came across a very interesting option. An organic option! Organic dog beds are manufactured for the eco-friendly pet parent. These beds are made of non-toxic materials that are safe not only for our planet but for your dog too.

Here’s the good news, they can be found easily and shipped right to your door.

What Makes Them Organic?

For some of us that have no idea what organic products are all about, what makes something organic? This question may seem daunting to answer. But it isn’t all that complicating.

These dog bed are produced using certified organically grown and manufactured materials. These materials are grown and produced without toxic chemicals. Some manufacturers of these dog beds opt to use recycled materials as well.

Most of these beds are made with a natural latex filing that can be compacted (formed) or shredded for firm or soft comfort respectively. They don’t stop there, the outer washable covers are also made with certified organic materials like organic flannel, or hemp. The use of only organic materials in the creation of these beds makes them organic.

It’s that simple!

Types & Options

As you can probably guess there are options out there. You can find different shapes like; round, squared, rectangular, different styles; pillow style, soft sided, cozy pouch, and different sizes; small, medium, large, extra large (not all retailers). They can be found in different colors as well; red, blue, natural, black, gray to name a few. If you’re into patterns some companies have options for you too.

Dog bedDo you need or prefer an orthopedic option you’re covered. Like I mentioned earlier, bed covers are available too. Some beds even come with these zippered covers (also organically made). Have I got you thinking about an organic bed option for yourself? There are companies that make organic human beds as well.

Having many types and options to choose from make it easy to coordinate with any home decor, or match your sense of style. Any option you choose will definitely look great in any room of your home.

Benefits To Buying Organic

So, are there benefits to an organic bed for your dog? Absolutely!!

Here are a few of those benefits:

  • No chemical flame retardants – These chemicals contaminate the air your dog breathes in all day long, not to mention you as well. Such chemicals can cause several illnesses. For a cleaner home for you and your dogs organic is the choice to make.
  • No polyurethane used in production – With choosing an organic latex fill instead of a polyurethane option you are making a healthier more eco-friendly choice. In turn, the environment is better for not only your dogs health but for the planet. *Important side note; when shopping be sure that the fill of your dogs bed is NOT a blend of materials that contain synthetics of any kind.
  • Higher quality product – You are getting expensive, certified organic materials. So, yes the prices are different from your traditional types of dog beds. But I firmly believe that in some cases, you get what you pay for, especially when investing in a bed for your dog.
  • Helping the Environment – Although a dog bed made organically may not seem like it makes a huge difference on the environment, it does. Your purchase will help to support naturally produced products and in turn it will lessen the impact on our environment. A little goes a long way!

Price – Is It Worth It?

Let’s think this question through… Like us, our fur babies spend a lot of time sleeping or resting. They will come into contact with their beds every day. This fact makes it important that you provide them with a safe and healthy alternative. At the same time you’re doing some good for the environment. Two birds one stone!

Prices for these dog beds are on the high side. They can range from around $79.00 – $250.00. I know this sounds steep but because our dogs health and safety is our priority as pup parents you can’t put a price on that.

So, is it worth it? YES, it is!

Where To Purchase Yours

By now, I know you are wondering who makes these beds and where can you get one. Well, again you have options where you can shop for these beds. I found several companies that offer great quality, design options and prices on their beds. There are also reliable online shopping sites where you can browse options.

Regardless of where you go to purchase your organic dog bed there are some things to consider when choosing the brand or manufacturer you go with. To ensure you are getting the best quality organic materials research the brand or manufacturer and look for certifications they hold before you buy.

Some of these certifications include:

  • G.O.T.S., which means Global Organic Textile Standards. GOTS ensures the organic status of textiles being used from harvesting to manufacturing and then to the finished product.
  • Greenguard Gold Status – Greenguard tests for low chemical emissions. In order for a company to receive Gold Status their product is deemed safe for very young infants and the elderly.
  • G.O.L.S., or Global Organic Latex Standard. This certification is given only to manufacturers whose products contain at least 95% certified organic materials.

The above mentioned certifications are only a few of them out there. You may find brands or manufacturers that have earned even more certifications than these but I felt these were important enough the list here.

Let Wrap It Up!

Dog bedYour fur babies are important members of your family and investing in an organic bed is an option we have today. An organic bed is made with certified organic materials which are materials grown and produced without toxic chemicals. These materials are natural latex, organic flannel or hemp to name a few.

You can find beds in different styles, colors, patterns, designs and sizes to fit your needs and you can easily incorporate them with your home decor or personal style. There are health and environmental benefits with your purchase because they are created with non-toxic and natural organic materials.

Rest assured, that even with the somewhat steep prices you are getting the best quality materials and the benefits far outweigh their cost. Don’t forget, when choosing a dog bed that’s organic look to make sure their manufacturer has at least GOTS, Greenguard Gold, and GOLS certifications.

Happy Shopping!

If you have questions or comments please leave them below, I would be happy to hear from you!

With Our Deepest Regards,

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